Jake Gloudemans

Tuesday Links

July 11, 2023 at 12:34 AM

  1. Jason Crawford writes about the AI power-seeking problem (the idea that superintelligent AIs will tend to amass power, even when given seemingly benign goals) and why he thinks the evidence for it is unconvincing so far
  2. Saloni Dattani summarizes a bunch of interesting research findings
  3. White House (cautiously) open to studying solar radiation modification - IMO this is a no brainer… my understanding (which mostly comes from this Volts episode) is there’s been very little hard research done on SRM at all. It seems crazy not to at least study it. Extreme warming scenarios aren’t completely ruled out yet (though they are quite unlikely now), and if things did get out of hand, this could be a relatively cheap and fast tool to use as a stopgap for a decade while we finish the fossil-fuel phase-out and ramp up carbon removal.
  4. ChatGPT traffic has peaked, at least for now (could be partially explained by less students using it over the summer)
  5. Twitter accidentally DDoSed itself when it turned on rate limits… Meanwhile, Threads has surpassed 100M users in 4 days
  6. Antarctic sea ice is not looking so good, apparently 5 standard deviations below the 1991 - 2023 mean. (chart below from NSIDC tracker)

Graph showing arctic sea ice extend for every year between 1991 and 2023, over the course of the year. Ice extend for 2023 is tracking well below any other year on record for this point in the year